Week 2 Training: Red White & Boom! TC Half Marathon

May 14th, 2012 | Ann

On to Week 2 of training for the Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon coming up on July 4th. I haven’t solidified my training plan for this race yet, so this week was really about listening to my body, trying to be mindful about my activity, and continuing to log the miles.

Here’s the break-down:

Week 2.

Monday: Planned to go to Spin but didn’t make it there in time. Opted for a rest-day and early bedtime.

Tuesday: Logged 2 miles on the treadmill before work. I felt stiff and sore trying to get my legs moving… but stuck with it, and was proud to have finished before my work-day started.

Tuesday - 2 miles

Wednesday: Jay and I stayed at home and did a weights/agility/strength/stretching workout. We did squats, lunges, weight-lifting, and stretching. It was a good 35 minutes of staying loose, and I was INCREDIBLY sore the next day – especially my abs!

Wednesday - planks

Wednesday - Push-Up + Weighted Vest

Thursday: I got up to log some miles before work and remembered that Janae (Hungry Runner Girl) had talked about this AMAZING show she watches while she runs inside – Make It or Break it. I found it on Netflix and the length of 1 espisode (43:00) was perfect for warm up/3 miles/cool-down, and I ran at a 12:01/mile pace. LOVED it!

Thursday - 3 miles

Friday: I wasn’t planning on running, but I was SO EXCITED about watching another episode of Make It or Break It, that I got up early and logged another 2 miles at an 11:58/mile pace. I spent the last 10 minutes of the show stretching, and my Friday morning started off on the ABSOLUTE right foot!

Friday - 2 miles + Stretching

Saturday: I got up early, not knowing how many miles I would be able to run on my knee. I was nervous about the pain I was having, but headed out to do atleast 4 miles. It was a beautiful day, and I put on Coldplay’s “Paradise” while I warmed up. I immediately started to cry (I know, right?) because I was just so moved by the song, and by my desire to be successful.

I want to be a runner. I want to run a marathon. I’m going to be a marathoner.

The overall feelings of desire were so powerful, and they dictated my entire run. I ran up the river parkway, up Ford Parkway (and a killer hill) and back down towards my house. I tried to keep negative splits during the run, and even reached a “runner’s high” during Mile 3. My knee was a little stiff, but the pain subsided and the run was relatively easy. I sang out-loud to Kelly Clarkson and danced to LMFAO. It was an INCREDIBLE run, and I teared up again when I finished 4.16.

I can’t put into words how much I want this…. I WANT TO RUN A MARATHON!! Knowing that every step, every mile, every run takes me closer to reaching my goal is amazing.

Saturday - 4.16

After my run, I met a friend for a nice walk – 3.6 miles down to the River Parkway and back up Summit Ave. It was a beautiful morning, and great company… unfortunately, my knee was KILLING ME by the time we finished. The pressure and pain was pretty uncomfortable, and I tried to take it easy the rest of the weekend.

I’m excited looking forward to the next weeks of training. Coming up this week, I’m hoping to solidify my training plan (I promise to post some details about it), and Thursday night is the Medtronic TC 1-Mile Race. I cannot wait to run with my friends and watch the elite runners compete!!

Click here for the recap of Week 1 Training.

What’s your next race coming up? Are you running the Medtronic TC 1-Mile Race?

Note: if you are running the Medtronic TC 1-Mile race on Thursday, please note that packet pick-up will begin at NOON tomorrow (Tuesday, May 15th). Please contact Twin Cities In Motion for additional information.

12 Responses to “Week 2 Training: Red White & Boom! TC Half Marathon”

  1. Laura says:

    I’m doing my first Ragnar in September and several other races along the way to help me train/get excited. I’m doing a 3k in DC this week, a 5k in NYC in August, possibly a 10k sometime … and then the big race is end of September!!! =) I’m toying w/the idea of doing a half marathon in October – but I’m not sure I want to run 13 miles in a row …. seems like too many hours of running …. good thing I have until July to decide. Keep up the good work!! you are amazing!

  2. Make it or Break It – I’ve never heard of it but soooo looks like a show I’d watch now that I’ve checked it out. Thanks for posting about it!

    You are a runner and you will be a marathoner! Cheers to that!

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  4. it sounds like your week was fantastic!!! love how much fun you had with your workouts:)

  5. You. Are. A. Rockstar. And don’t you forget it! Having fun following your blog. I found myself thinking about you when I was pulling weeds this weekend. Um… not in a creepy way but just about how you called your garden a GardAnn. It stuck with me :)

    Have a great week!

  6. Mary says:

    What a great week! I started training for my marathon and pushing through tough runs is better with a mantra like that – I WANT to be a marathoner, I WILL be a marathoner!

  7. Kate says:

    You’re awesome-that Ford Parkway hill is a beast! In addition you have to run by Dairy Queen-particularly tough for me:)

  8. Kristi says:

    What an awesome week! You are going to be a marathoner and it will be amazing! :]

    I must check out make it or break it. I am a sucker for all things gymnastics!

    I think I am going to do the Autism 5k at Lake Calhoun this weekend and then Go Commando 5k on June 9! Super excited :]

    And yes, we must meet!!!

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  10. This is a great week of training and having emotional runs is part of why people are drawn to running! It makes you discover something else about yourself. I hope your knee starts to feel better soon!!! :) p.s. see you Thursday!

  11. Kat says:

    Why, yes. Yes I am running the TC 1 Mile on Thursday. I still am so totally confused about how I got roped into this circus. It is going to be so beyond.

  12. I love reading about new fitness stuff! It’s so interesting! Thank you!

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