Half-Marathon Training – Week 5

March 12th, 2012 | Ann

Last week was Week 5 of half-marathon training. Holy Cow! I am now 47 days away from the Get in Gear Half Marathon (April 28th), which also happens to be the day my friend Stacy is getting married. She posts updates on the count-down on her Facebook page…. and I freak out a little on the inside knowing I am less than 7 weeks away.

But…. I’ve got to just keep logging the miles. Here’s my break-down of last week:

Monday – Jay and I took Monday as an improvised “rest day” since we did the Ride of a Lifetime the previous Sunday. I burned over 1400 calories and was on the bike for 2 hours (click to link) – I don’t feel bad about allowing myself a day to rest and relax.

Tuesday I met Sara at Lake Calhoun for an outside run. She’s a much faster runner than I, but she wanted the company while she logged 5 miles. We ended up running 5.5, walking 1 – a total of 6.5 miles. This worked out great since I wouldn’t be logging my “long run” of 6 this weekend because of an upcoming race. The company was wonderful, the weather was beautiful, and it was overall a FUN time. (Yes, running – FUN. I know, right?)

Tuesday - 6.5 miles

Wednesday I got up early for a quick 2. My legs were like CEMENT! It was horrible trying to get them to move forward. I knew I wouldn’t be breaking the 24:00 mark (less than 12:00/mile), but I still logged the miles.

Wednesday - 2 miles

Thursday was another hard AM run. I was physically and mentally exhausted, and I felt like The Universe was working against me. I couldn’t find the speakers to listen to Netflix while I ran. I got behind on my schedule. My legs just wouldn’t go. But I logged 3.5 miles and have never been happier to finish.

Thursday - 3.5 miles (Thumbs up!)

Friday was a rest day. Amen, I love them.

Saturday was the 100% Irish for a Day TC 5k & TC 10-mile. Click for yesterday’s recap. It was a great race, beautiful weather, amazing run. My legs felt great and strong. I finished :40/mile faster than the race a month ago and I am SO PROUD of me for rockin’ it and Jay for finishing the 10-mile race.

Saturday - 3.1 miles (100% Irish 5k)

Things I learned during this week of training….

1.  Make it work. Rather than trying to run 3 other miles along with my 5k on Saturday, I logged 6.5 on Tuesday with a friend. Changing my schedule so I can STILL run the miles but not fatigue myself or stress or worry about the timeline. Making it work. I can do this. I can change “the plan” if I need to, especially to fit my life and demands. Being consistent about logging the miles and making it work.

2. I love racing. I talked in yesterday’s post about the comradery and fellowship that comes with running a race with your friends – and seeing them at the finish. Truth: I will probably never win a 5k. That means, there will ALWAYS be someone cheering for me at the end. I loved seeing my blogging (IRL) friends and knowing we support each other in our goals of healthy living – especially running races.

3. I don’t know everything. Jay and I are still working on the weight-loss piece of this “healthy living” journey. I’ve been trying to follow The Runner’s Diet and I have yet to take updated measurements to see the progress I’ve made in the past few weeks. It’s a challenge, it’s a struggle and it has definitely kept me humble. Because even though I killed it at my 5k, I can’t help but wonder….

How well would I have run this race if I weighed even LESS?

47 days, my friends. 47 days until I run 13.1 miles, and I am DETERMINED to make every single day leading up to the Get in Gear Half Marathon the best eating, training, and overall day I can make it.

Here’s to Week 6!!

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15 Responses to “Half-Marathon Training – Week 5”

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m all about changing up the schedule when you need to. But that’s also why your legs felt like cement on Wednesday. :) the crap-tastic runs make the good ones seem so much more amazing.

    PS: i said it yesterday and i’ll say it again. You KILLED your 5k. Way to rock it! Jay did amazing as well!

  2. Lisa J says:

    I love that you learn something each week as you progress in your training. I 100% am the say way with adjusting my running plans based on how my body feels / what I have going on during the week, nothing wrong with that.
    I think that as you make strides in your weight loss goals, you will notice that your times will drop and running will feel easier… which is going to be so motivating for you, especially because you’re pace is ALREADY getting faster! :)

  3. Breanna says:

    If you like the camaraderie of running you should definitely look into running Ragnar. There’s one in MN where you run with a team from Winona to Minneapolis. It’s amazing and it’s the most supportive race I’ve ever run. There are runner positions for all types of abilities. It’s the best race I run every year :)

  4. Amylee says:

    The camraderie of racing is the best! I loved your recap and I’m so glad you had a great experience. Keep logging those miles. Don’t be nervous for the half- just be excited! It’s going to be an amazing experience :). You are an inspiration to me!

  5. Stacy says:

    I think April 28 will be a good day for both of us and our hubbies. I know the perfect way for you and Jay to celebrate your half marathon. :)

    You’re awesome and so inspirational. I was just struggling to find the motivation to workout during my lunch break, so came over to your blog, read it, and am motivated.

  6. Becky says:

    Aaaaaah so proud of you!! You are KILLIN it and your hard work is going to pay off. Heck, it already is! I can’t wait to check your blog in approximately 47 days…I have a feeling good things will be there for me to read! :)

  7. woo hoo!!! a great week indeed friend…to me it was so awesome because you pushed through even when tired A LOT which will definitely make you stronger for the half :) 47 days!!! eeeeekkkk! so exciting!

  8. Kristi says:

    Congrats on a great week!

    We are gonna kill this marathon :)

  9. Kat says:

    And week five is on the books. Just remember, when your legs feel like cement and you push through, you’re preparing yourself to meet The Wall when it’s really time to go to war.

  10. Falon says:

    Awesome progress, ann! So proud of you for staying positive and logging those miles. Xo

  11. Killing it! So proud of you and Jay! I am running the Get Lucky 21K on Saturday – I am already getting butterflies! I will be thinking of you during my race – harnessing your positive energy and inspiration! Love ya friend!

  12. Elise says:

    I like your “runner” gray shirt. Is it possible to know where you got it from?

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