April 5k (2) – Get In Gear, and 5k take-aways

April 24th, 2010 | Ann

Today was the Get In Gear 2k, 5k, 10k and Half-Marathon. It was completely REDICULOUS how many people were there!! Of course, it was pouring rain the whole time… but it was still a successful race. I’ll get into the details a little bit later.

The other day, I was thinking about all the things I hate about doing 5ks, and Jay said, “Do you LIKE anything about doing the 5ks?” and I started to think about the take-aways from doing 5ks, and what I enjoy… Here’s what I’ve got:

1. The challenge. Running is not easy for me. It never has been, and I usually don’t enjoy it. But the challenge of running pushes me to work harder, faster, and run longer.

2. The satisfaction! I feel SO SO proud when I’m done with a race. I feel such a sense of accomplishment, like I am on top of the world.

3. The future (runner) – I want to be a runner. I want to strap on my shoes and just GO, I and I want to WANT to run. I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but I want to be a runner! Competing in 5ks, and training for them helps me get closer and closer to my goal.

So, I hope those 3 reasons help explain WHY I do 5ks, and what I like about doing them, even though I actually don’t enjoy act of running (yet).

Now, on to the details!!! The Get In Gear was a great race! There were SO MANY people there. Like I mentioned, it rained like crazy! Luckily, I had on my water-proof jacket (thanks, Target activewear!) and long duo-dry pants, which kept me pretty nice and cool. I wore a hat, which helped keep the rain off my face. I ran with Jay, and Sarah (who has done the Securian, and St. Patty’s Day races with us, too!). Sarah rocks. She’s so fun, and so positive, and really has a passion for running! Next week, she’s doing a half-marathon in Minnetonka and I’m hoping to go cheer her on!! Here’s Jay, Sarah and I pre-race (inside the pavillion):

The race itself went pretty good, after I tied my shoelaces that came un-done right away. We started at the middle of the pack, which was a pretty smart idea because of the sheer volume of people running. I thought we should have been at Mile 1 much sooner than we were… so that was a little bit discouraging. The race was along Minnehaha Park, and there was a pass-black that was completely decieving. I should back up… After running along the park for about 1.25 miles, you circle around a few blocks and turn back the other way, but don’t meet up with people on the pass-back until the last 1.25 miles. So, for about .75 miles, you are not facing anybody, but it looked like the pass-back happened sooner than it did. Basically, I thought I was much further in the race then I was.

Also, I didn’t pick anybody to pace with, which was a mistake. There were quite a few people with nice, steady jogs and walks/runs at my pace… And I should have just picked someone and stayed with them. All in all, I finished in 43:28 – which is within a minute of the last 2 races. I was anticipating a much less successful race, but I’m proud of how it went, and the fact that I ran as much as I could – even with the rain!

Lastly, JAY RAN THE WHOLE RACE!!! I am SO PROUD of him and how well he did – finishing around 40:00. He paced himself good, at a nice easy pace and RAN THE ENTIRE THING!!! YAY HONEY!!!! Here’s Jay, me and Sarah, post-race:

Oh! Another thing that was SO COOL – they staggered the start of the 10k and 5k, so that we would be finishing at the same time. Who did I happen to meet in the last .2 miles, then my friend Sarah from Sarah Gets Healthy?! She rocks. She did the 10k, and sped past me on the way to the finish line… we met up again and took a few pictures together, and I was SO PROUD of her for having a great race!!

Not sure about plans for the rest of the day, other than catching up on blogs (I say that every week!). Jay leaves for North Carolina tomorrow, and Team Weight Loss wraps up on Monday. Looking forward to going to spinning, yoga and some of my other favorite fitness activities now that Team Weight Loss will be done. Oh, and planning our next 5k for May. SO PROUD and SO HAPPY to have done the Get In Gear today. Have a great weekend!!

5 Responses to “April 5k (2) – Get In Gear, and 5k take-aways”

  1. Kassie says:

    So what are you doing in May? I need a May race since that's when I'll be done with my Couch to 5K.

    And congrats on finishing another race. You rock.

  2. Mary says:

    Aw I wish we could have seen you guys!! What a mad house huh? Good job! the jacket was brilliant, wish I would have wore one!! 😉

  3. Julie says:

    Hi Ann,
    Congrats on your 5k Get in Gear race!! I ran the 10k and agree with you…it was a crazy wet and cold day! I have ran in some of the other races that you mentioned. I ran in the St. Securian Half and the St. Patty's Day Get Lucky! I am also running in the Lake Minnetonka half like your friend. Keep it up…the more you run the better you will get:)

  4. Sarah Howard says:

    Super great job Ann! And how fun to run into you at the finish line. It was so nice to run into a fellow blogger as I crossed my first finish line! Thanks!

    I think it's so great that you're taking on these 5ks. Even if you hate them (for the most part) you should be so proud that you're not letting that "hate" keep you from doing them. That in itself is a real accomplishment! Great work!! :-)

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